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For five generations, our family has been a trusted and valued producer for many of the leading food companies and finer dining establishments across America. Along the way, we started cooking products that people crave but too often don’t have the time to make. From meals to seafood soups to sauces & marinades, our mission is to provide time-constrained families with high quality, homestyle foods made from carefully sourced ingredients that satisfy the whole family. Our dishes are ready in minutes so you can “savor the flavor” while you also savor the time. We are honored that our meals always have a place on your family’s table.

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Comfort Meals

Easy to prepare comfort meals in microwaveable 12 oz bowls.

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Sauces and Marinades

Enhance your dining experience and prepare a meal in less than 30 minutes.

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Soups & Sides 

From broccoli & cheese soup to mac & cheese, we have favorites that will satsify everyone!

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Premium Seafood Soups

Wholesome ingredients and premium seafood make these chowders & bisques a must have.

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Gourmet Seafood Soups

Award-winning gourmet chowders & bisques delivered straight to your door!